Taurat Hossain

Photo by Arman Thanvir


I am a New York based photographer. I started traveling over 7 years ago, but travel photography as an adventure is relatively new for me, roughly 3 years now.

My ultimate goal is to capture strong images that I hope to convey to the viewer the deep diversity, similarity and mystery in all walks of life. As different as we all feel we might be from one another given our national affiliation, socio-economic status, native cuisines, lifestyle or way of life, through my travels, I’ve learned that we’re all more alike than we are different. Unfortunately, a lot of the information and content available about the world beyond where we live is full of cynicism and is broadcast in a negative light. I realize that this is a tall ask but I hope your visit here heightens your intrigue to seek out these similarities and form our own conclusions by seeing the beauty in the world for what it is.

At it’s most basic level, I am using the only known method to freeze a moment by capturing a visual account of the places I’ve visited or a moment I’m inspired by. At its best, I am hoping to inspire others as I have been inspired by some of the masters of the art.